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Presentation of Lumina Village

Lumina, a wonderfull place in the Dobrogea Plain, near the seaside, wich some time ago administrated it,  with a past that every romanian can be proud, in wich the nature has invested alot, and the people have created the Danube—Black Sea Channel (sector Poarta Alba—Midia) to whom is a neighbour, a thing that it’s priceless in the 21st century.  The environment here: water, including Lake Tasaul, with fertile land should be used to its fair value.

As we say: “ God has given as all, but we must do something to”, and the people has done so that they will be remembered for hundreds of years. It is now our duty to help the people to regain the welfare they had back ago.

The territory, relatively located in the eastern part of the county, went through several organizational steps, attested in the fifteenth century, commercial and coordination zone of the north area of Constanta with a Turkish population in the past and orthodox  in the present, with the new vision that will be  presented below, will revive the true value that nature gave him.

As a first settlement, the village of Lumina was founded in 1650, and from administrative point of view, since 1880 after the  Russian-Romanian-Turkish war of 1877.

After the establishment as a village – from 1880 until 1908 – the village belonged to the village Sibioara, formerly Cicîrciu. From 1908 until 1925 the Lumina village belonged to the common  Ovidiu, and from January 1, 1926 it splited from Ovidiu village, forming a territorial unit of its own, to which bonded the villages Navodari and Mamaia, then called Cara-Coiun (Black Sheep).

The Village of Lumina has  developed economically especially in the period when the majority of the population was formed by the German population which had as a main occupation agriculture

The Village of Lumina has  developed economically especially in the period when the majority of the population was formed by the German population which had as a main occupation the agriculture.

The old name of Cogealia comes from the head of Tartar tribe COGEA-Ali (Ali Big Horse). The name was kept Cogealia establishment until 1929, when it was named the Black Valley, a designation that carried it until 1965 when in accordance with Decree 799/964 it was named Lumina.

From 1968 until 1989 the village belonged to Ovidiu, and in 1989 broke away from Ovidiu village, forming the Lumina commune to witch joined the villages of Oituz and Sibioara. As a public institution, the townhall of Lumina was founded at 9th may of 1989.

Geographic Localisation

Situated into the central-eastern part of the county of Constanta,  Lumina is situated at 17 km north of the city of Constantza. The neighbours of Lumina Village are the city of Ovidiu, the city of Navodari and the Mamaia station-resort. Also Lumina is situated at 7 km south-east of the International Aeroport from Mihail Kogalniceanu.

The village of Lumina is situated in a flat zone, among both sides of the Cogealia Valley. This valley has a hidrographic surphace of almost 1900 ha. one. The Ciobanoaiei Valley is situated in the western part of the village. From the geographic point of view, the the territory of Lumina is situated in the Central Plane of Dobrogea, in the eastern part, also known as Maritime Doborgea, or the Maritime seaside.

Lumina has a total surface of 4875 ha, 668 ha the village, 7 ha wine yards and 4200 ha the outside of the village.


The position of our parish near the Black Sea causes anual medium temperatures of 11-15°C with precipitations of 350mm and local winds.

The main economic activity in the village is trading. After it, comes the agriculture and the farms. The development and modernisation of the agriculture is one of the most important goal of the comunity.

Since the agriculture is one of the most important occupation in the village the local administration has opened a market were the local producers can sell the products to the people in the village

The most important companyes in the village are SC AVICOLA SA , a company that  that takes care of poultry meat and eggs,  SC CARNOB SRL wich is a slaughterhouse for processing pork and beef, SC GEPETO SRL,  sausage factory built in 2009 and occupying an area of 30000 square meters is equipped with the latest generation of European standards . Also at Sibioara SC COMPREST UTIL SA, one of the most important company of the county, develops its activity. The villages operates a grain mill, an aluminum processing company, an organic waste incinerator equipped with a continuous self-monitoring and modern art technical facilities.

Water supply

Lumina is provided with water thanks to the Nord Litoral System. It has a centraslised system of keeping 1000mc and distributing 100mm-200mm.


The village of Lumina doesn’t have a centralised system of drainage, the problem of used water it’s resolved in a local plan with the help of ceespools.

In 2009 the Lumina Administration has started the works for the implementantion of the project  for water supply and sewerage network in the village. According to Mayor Dumitru Chiru, pipelines will be placed on a length of 61 kilometers. Network investment is amounted to about 18 million lei, the money being provided from funds from the Government.

Power supply

The power supply is realised within the National Power Supply System and its station of conversion from Lumina.


The local gas network was completed in 2009. The management of local government represented by Mayor Dumitru Chiru said that all pipes were located on  65 km of the village. The system is provided by the local company Congaz.


The local administration continued over the years investing in upgrading and maintaining roads. In this sense several major streets in the village were added to the list of those who were upgraded to asphalt. New streets will be added after the works  to place the sewer system will be finished.

Lumina is crosed by the CR(County Road)226 wich makes the connection with the city of Navodari an the NR (National Road) 22A, Constanta – Tulcea. Also within the village is crossing the backboat wich makes the connection with Navodari, Ovidiu and Constantza. The first raylway station was launched in 1952 and in 1985 the actual raylway station.


The Village of Lumina is conected to the phone service since 1965, initialy with 2 stations. In 2005 there were 1030 customers. Also the village is conected to the cable tv, internet  services, and cable phone lines and we have mobile phones antenas so that all the mobile operators are present here.  Local operators: Canal S (cable, digital tv, broadband internet, phone services), Romtelecom (digital tv, ADSL internet, phone services), RCS – DIGI (digital tv, phone services), Focus Sat (digital tv) and mobile phone operators Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote.


The data from the National Institute of Statitics shows that in 2010  the population of the Lumina Villlage parish was 9360 .

Manpower and unemployment
The data shows that in the year 2010 there were about 1000 retired people and more than 200 people are unemployed, receiving a monthly sum from the state.

Health and social work

The hall and the Local Council of Lumina are always giving a special atention to those who are in need. With the help of the Social Asistance Department from the Hall, the local administration is supporting the persons or fammilies that are in need or are poor. The Hall had always tried to make a better situation to those that need help, especially to the children whom, due to poornes,  are obligated to leave school. A bigger problem that needs atention is the children in state of crisis: orphans, alchoolic parents, letterless,  beggars, children raised by grand parents. Also the Hall has helped elderly people , that were poor, fisicaly dependent (immoblilized at bed or in the house), whom can’t menage themselves or are alone and poor. With the help of the Social Departament, this persons can have a personal asistant who has the task to make them a easier life. An important help is acorded by the administration to poor families who have a big number ok kids. Help from the Hall is acorded to the gipsy families.

Also poor families or elderly people that can’t ensure themselves the healing of their houses in the winter time have the posibility of getiing help from the Local or Central Authorities . To anounce the citizens about the existence of this services, the hall has  undertaken informal actions, counciling an education of the population so that they can benefit from this helps.

The Lumina Hall provides state social services consisting in providing social support for minimum income beneficiaries law. (at the end of 2010, 44 families received money , a total amount in 2010 of 93262 RON). The hall also receives state files for child allowance, allowance for family support, child allowance increase.

Education and study

The School units from Lumina (The 4 Schools from Lumina, Oituz and Sibioara) as well as the kinder gardens, have always been one of the main concerns of the Local Administration . There are about 900 students and 40 teachers.

The main purpose has been and it still is the insurance of normal condition for studying:

¨ Reparations at the exterior of the school units so that it can have an esthetic face

¨ Reparations of the sport fields

¨ Reparations of the School units (roofs, interior and outside paintings, at the schools )

¨ Fencing and arranging the yards

¨ Reparations, decorations, annual hygienisation

¨ The insurance of the fuel needed to heat the School Units

¨ The endowment of the schools from Lumina and Oituz with a Centralized Heating system

With the occasion of the 21 years since the founding of the village light, local authorities have inaugurated a synthetic football field. It is used by local students and teachers and after 18 hours and on weekends can be rented by interested persons.

Also, all the schools and kinder garden in the village have been equipped with modern technology so that the students can learn and study at an European level. There are 2 classes with personal computers connected to the internet. The teachers have the opportunity to give classes with the help of videos, sounds, presentations and Advanced Learning System.


In Lumina there 4 churches. The majority cult is formed by the ortodoxs followed by the catolics and the muslims.

The church is the house and the place were can feel closer to God. It is the place were people can pray and comundicate with Whim in an intense way. It is the place were people can find him in communion.

For several centuries, romanians are building churches trying to be closer to God, and on this places have gatered and formed comunities.

The Local authorities have involved themselves from the beginings and supported the religions


The future of our village stands in the hands of the young generation. For this reason the local authorities are always trying to ensure to the today’s teenagers, future leaders, optimal conditions to learn and form themselves.

  • Collaborations with the schools from the village
  • The  lure of young people towards the institutions of the local administration and  participations with equal chances, at the interviews for the occupation of some jobs in administration.
  • The grant of free and lifetime land for  house constructions to the young villagers,  according to 15/2003 Law


The culture has remained in the attention of the local administration. It has become a tradition that every year the population is celebrating the Day of Lumina. At this event are invited several artists but also talented kids from the schools in Lumina.

Also there are sports events and the traditional fighting competition of the tataro community from Lumina.

From 2008 the local administration has started an early event. On the 28th and 29th August 2010, it has taken place the  third edition of Pop Music Festival for Children and Youth. This year, under the name „Charm Music” the festival continued to aim the discovery of young talents in music and promoting their appreciation to their true value.


The health of our people is important to every administration. In the past year there have been reparations and maintenance at the Human Dispensary of the Lumina Village and also were finished the constructions at the new dispensary in the Sibioara Village.

In 2010 the administration had collaborations with the schools regarding the health of the children and in december anounced the operation of a medical center at night in Lumina.

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